Nose contouring like a pro

Nose contouring like a pro

Look guys listen to us , we have been there and done that if you don’t contour your nose a certain way your nose will look flatter or like a total mess

Also keep in mind everyone has their own type of shape try to find yours experiment and see what suits you best.

everyone has their own way of contouring , as for kim kardashian this is her typical kinda contouring which makes our nose look like a total mess


Below are videos , which can help you experiment and also learn how to contour like a pro

Youtuber:Tashie Tinks

Youtuber : Carli bybel


Youtuber: Tina Young

Contouring tips from Professionals

1-Highlighting makes your face look more fresh, youthful, and awake! Apply a cream eyeliner to the inner corners of your eye, your cupid’s bow (area above your lips), bridge of your nose, and your chin. Blend in these areas using a clean finger before you apply your foundation, and you’ll create a glowing look on your face!

Selecting a Product:

While there are definitely a lot of products that can be used for highlighting and contouring, there are few basic rules you should keep in mind when selecting your highlighting and contouring products.

1. Only use a matte contour.

Lindsey Rivera says to “avoid using any product with shimmer! The goal of contouring is to re-shape your face by tricking the eye. Dark colors recede and light colors highlight. Shimmer highlights also, so you are counteracting your contour by using a glittery bronzer.”

2. Don’t go too dark.

“The more ‘pro’ you are the darker the color you can use. If you’re timid or unsure, start with only a shade or two darker than your own skin tone,” advises celebrity makeup artist Veronica Lorenz.

3. Choose your shade carefully.

For a contour to look natural, you should stick to a product that is within the color range that you would usually wear. If your skin is warm toned, go warm toned. Avoid using products that are very warm, something that is too orange won’t look natural. Instead, look for a slightly more grey version of what you would use as a regular bronzer.

4. You can blend with cream or power.

There’s no rule that says you must use a powder for contouring, though most online tutorials use bronzer. “Use the formula you’re most comfortable blending,” says makeup artist Regina Ventimiglia. “If you’re a pro at blending powders, don’t reach for a cream contouring product and vice versa.

contouring tips taken from here

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