spray on nailpolish

nailpolish …


Spray on nailpolish 😀

Okay common how many of us have the time to actually do our darn nails?

especially when we got approx 10 minutes to leave the house for a huge event

this invention will blow your mind !!

We have added a couple of videos of how this thing works ..

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British brand Nails Inc. is coming out with Paint Can Spray, and claims it only takes 20 seconds to apply, resulting in “the world’s fastest manicure.” It works like this: after applying a basecoat, you simply shake and spray the graffiti-like can over your fingertips to paint your nails. The inevitable mess can be removed with warm water or a face wipe. Finish the look up with a topcoat and there you have it — a beauty graffiti job that would even impress Banksy.

The product comes in two colors, pink and silver, but it’s not launching in the U.S. until spring 2016. Looks like we’ll have to stick to our bottled polishes for now, but the Alexa Chung-approved can is already at the top of our wish list.

Cancel your next manicure appointment (unless you have gels, then you should definitely go in for removal, because ain’t nobody got time for that). The genius beauty-obsessed Brits at Nails Inc. have come up with Paint Can nail polish. But this isn’t the painting-your-bedroom kind of can (because that’s hardly useful), this is the spray-on, graffiti kind of paint that almost sounds too good to be true.

According to Vogue UK, the spray on polish, which is set to launch November 12, is as simple as applying a base coat, giving the can a shake and spraying your color of choice right onto your hands. Now before you start thinking “But I’m already an expert at getting the nail polish everywhere but on my actual nails,” here’s the most magical part; once you paint on your top coat and wait for it to dry, the paint polish that ends up all over your hands can be washed away with soap and water or swiped right off with a face wipe. All the convincing we need to give the misted-on mani a try. Plus, it’s Alexa Chung-approved. article from refinery29.com

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