Bobby brown contouring sticks

I love contouring , but i dont do it on a daily basis . I also dont like spending hours infront of the mirror trying to fix my contour . Lets start with i personally dont like powder for contouring it doesn’t feel right i prefer liquid and when i say liquid i dont mean any kind . I love using the bobby brown contouring sticks because it goes on perfectly and is easily smudged. Keep in mind that you need a dark color when contouring so choose your color correct. Also keep in mind you need to set your makeup “contour” after applying it i will show you how in a video


For me , the bobby brown contouring stick has been doing great for me , here is a video of the stick in reality  by youtuber :Desi Perkins


Here is another video on how to set your makeup , i personally use Banana Powder for highlight and add brown powder “even bronzer” for setting contouring . Mac setting spray is great to set all your makeup together for long lasting makeup all day

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